Just-in-Time (JIT) Funding™

Control and customize transactions in real time.

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Authorize every transaction in real time

Approve or deny each transaction in real time based on your business logic

Better cash flow management

Fund cards in real time. Each card maintains a $0 balance until you authorize the release of funds

Faster reconciliations

Inject custom metadata into each transaction that will match your order or ledger system records

What is Just-in-Time Funding?

Avoid tying up large amounts of working capital in a reserve account. Marqeta JIT Funding automatically moves funds from your funding source into the appropriate settlement account at transaction time. You control which transactions are authorized and funded.

Managed JIT

Managed JIT allows you to define when, where, and how much a cardholder can spend with their card ahead of time. You cannot allow or deny individual transactions as they happen.

Gateway JIT

In this option, you control each transaction as it happens. When Marqeta gets an authorization request from the network upon card swipe, it sends a message containing transaction details to your gateway endpoint. Your system will decide whether to allow or deny the funds based on your business rules. In your response message, you can inject new metadata into the transaction that will later help you with reconciliations.

Commando Mode for Gateway JIT

If you choose Gateway JIT, you can ensure business continuity even if your infrastructure suffers under unusually high transaction volumes or experiences outages. Invisible to your cardholders, Marqeta authorizes and funds your transactions using pre-established business rules and stores any unsent webhooks for later transmission, ensuring that the card state and account balances correspond with activity that occurred while Commando Mode was in effect.

“A traditional prepaid card processor would decide whether payments will be authorized, but Just-in-Time Funding from Marqeta puts us in control and lets us decide whether to approve each transaction. Empowering us in this way gives us more control over fraud risk and allows us to achieve better cash management for real, bottom-line results.”


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