Just-in-Time Funding

Just-in-Time (JIT) Funding gives you unparalleled control of transactions. Authorize payments and fund cards in real time. Add your own rules, your own business logic, and your own data. Along with greater control, you get better cash flow management.

Key Benefits of JIT Funding

Payment Authorization Decisioning

You approve or deny each transaction in real-time based on your business logic. Match incoming orders to the authorization request. Or if your borrowers qualify for another loan, you or Marqeta can approve the transactions. Add your own rules, your own API decision engine, and your own data to mitigate risk to your business.

Fund Transactions in Real Time

Each card maintains a $0 balance even as the card is being swiped. When the card is swiped, Marqeta passes funding in the exact amount of the transaction through the card and then immediately deducts the funds from the program reserve. Reduce the risk of fraud as funds from program reserve are deducted at approval.

Better Cash Flow Management

Along with greater control, you get better cash flow management. The cards carry a $0 balance until the time of transaction, when you authorize the release of funds or we authorize on your behalf from your reserve account. Eliminate the need to guess at the amount you would need to pass through a card.

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How JIT Funding Works

At Virtual Incentives, we are at the cutting edge of the FinTech innovation. Marqeta’s open API has empowered us to provide a solution that changes the game for digital rewards fulfillment.

Jonathon Price,
CEO of Virtual Incentives

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