Data Insights Visualization & Analytics - DiVA (Beta)

DiVA (Beta) offers self-service access for data discovery, reporting, and advanced analytics tools.

Key Benefits of Data Insights

Grow Revenue

Get actionable data on spending patterns to drive insight and improvements to your program. Gain analytics flexibility with access to raw data using DiVA API, or leverage pre-built reporting and analytics in DiVA (Beta) to gain insights into your program data.

Manage Fraud

Fight fraud using advanced analytics features available in the analytics platform without worrying about heavy investments in scarcely available data science resources. Get automated intelligence through Machine Learning (ML) to proactively fight fraud.

Monitor Card User Operations

Identify card user and transaction issues more easily by leveraging pre-built reports. Apply filters to uncover outliers. Interact with curated data stories concerning common issues such as declined transactions to uncover actionable insights.

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