Data insights

Analyze real-time transaction data to identify patterns and outliers.

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“Marqeta gives DoorDash real-time insights so we can see how Dashers are using cards. This allows us to easily track everything to ensure a seamless transaction for restaurants, a better delivery experience for Dashers, and on-time and accurate food delivery to customers.”


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Andrew Foong
Engineering Manager

Monitor your card operations

Answer important questions about your cards and authorized users. Track the health of your card program by analyzing cardholder information such as card/token status, balances, and declines. Leverage webhooks to push event data in real time and get notifications on card activation, usage, and more.


Empower business users with meaningful insights through data access, reports, and dashboards. Use Marqeta reports, or access transaction data via APIs or comma-separated value (CSV) extracts to create your own custom visualizations. Leverage transaction and settlement data for regulatory and compliance reporting. Integrate transaction data via Marqeta APIs with your finance, accounting, and general ledger systems for a holistic view of your operations.

Reconcile your transaction activity

Use transactional and summary reporting to perform key reconciliation and balancing activities. Marqeta’s transaction data includes details about the transaction time and amount and any custom metadata inserted into the authorization flow.

Analyze consumer patterns

Use authorization and settlement reports to gain a full understanding of your cardholders and their spending patterns. Analyze merchant, merchant category, location, purchase amount, refunds, date, time, and currency as well as the custom fields and data dimensions added at the time of transaction.

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An API-first technology platform that will shape the future of your payments

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Modern card issuing that is powering innovative payment experiences across industries

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