Payments your way.

The Marqeta Platform lets you design the payment cards your business needs. Debit cards. Credit cards. Plastic. Virtual. Tokenized. Plug-and-play the features you want, with the speed and technology you expect today.
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Customize the way your business makes and manages payments

  • Create payment cards to your exact specifications using our powerful APIs.
  • Fund cards and authorize transactions in real time with Just-in-Time "JIT" Funding.
  • Get real-time insights on card activity, spend behavior, declines, and more.
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Modern businesses need Modern Payments

The process of accepting payments has advanced, making payments has not — leaving you with antiquated solutions that are hard to customize and control. Marqeta changes that, allowing you to get to market faster, streamline the payment process, reducing fraud, improving transaction tracking and personalizing the entire payment experience.


What can Marqeta do for you?

Whether it supports your core business or is your core business, the Marqeta Platform lets you make and manage payments on your terms.

Defining the Future of Payments

Democratized Card Creation

With legacy issuer processors, businesses run into barriers that make it slow and difficult to create cards. Marqeta changes that. Supporting virtual, tokenized and physical payment cards, the Marqeta Platform lets you quickly and easily produce cards to your exact specifications.

Just-in-Time Funding

Just-in-Time “JIT” Funding eliminates the need to preload payment cards, instead automatically transferring funds from an account to a card at the exact moment the transaction is approved – within 200 milliseconds. This gives your business greater transparency and control over payments – without added complexity.

Instantly Issued Virtual Cards and Tokenized Payments

Marqeta delivers core issuer processing through an open API, enabling you to instantly issue physical, virtual and tokenized payments and push them to Apple Pay and Android Pay. And our Open API and Digital Wallet SDK clear the way for you to quickly and easily turn on in-app provisioning.