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A Catalyst For

Payments Innovation.



Welcome to Marqeta. We have re-engineered how physical cards, virtual cards and mobile wallets should be developed and deployed with the Marqeta Platform, the world’s first fully documented, open API issuer processor platform, built from the ground up with no legacy infrastructure for flexibility, scalability and performance. The Marqeta Platform is designed and built in California to help you innovate — to help you shape the future of commerce.

The Marqeta Platform at Work: Payments to Power Your Business

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Payments Basics API
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Marqeta Platform:

Some key features for payment solutions

The Marqeta Platform offers an immense set of features and functionalities, including the following:

API Stats

Average Authorization Auth Response Time
Authorization Throughput
Average API Response Time
API Throughput

The Marqeta Platform: Powering some of the most innovative companies in the world

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