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Digital wallets & tokenization

Tokenize cards for instant and secure payment.

Enable a digital-first experience

Instantly push cards to digital wallets via app or web browser for immediate access and to enable contactless payments

Ensure payment continuity

With flexible token management, automatically update tokens in wallet or with merchants when cards are expired, lost, or stolen

Reduce the risk of fraud

Minimize the exposure of sensitive PAN data and protect cardholders in the event of a merchant data breach

What is tokenization?

Card tokenization is the process of protecting sensitive data, such as the primary account number (PAN), by replacing it with more secure, surrogate data, called a token.

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In-app push provisioning

Instantly issue and provision virtual cards from your app to digital wallets such as Apple Pay®, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, giving your cardholders immediate access to convenient, touch-free payment options.

Your mobile app can use Marqeta endpoints to request, store, and provision tokens.

Instant provisioning for non-Marqeta issued cards

Tokenization as a Service

For organizations with existing card programs, Marqeta’s digital wallet and tokenization services can be easily layered onto existing issuer processor relationships.

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One platform for all integrations

Employ a single platform to tokenize existing Visa and Mastercard cards into all major wallets

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Card-type agnostic

Marqeta can work with any commercial and consumer prepaid, debit, and credit card programs

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The right partnership

Keep your card programs intact and leverage Marqeta’s tokenization services, or use Marqeta to both issue and tokenize your virtual cards

Marqeta’s push to wallet functionality will add a new dimension to virtual card payments. With Marqeta, our virtual cards can be expanded to new use cases like facilitating payments to disaster relief volunteers or for recruitment spend where interview candidates can be issued a card into their mobile wallets for travel expenses.


John Skinner,

Head of Commercial Card

Marqeta Cards

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