On-demand virtual and tokenized payment cards with unparalleled flexibility and leading edge security.

Benefits of the Virtual solution

Do you need virtual cards to enable smoother e-commerce transactions, to support corporate payables and expenses, or for making secure payments at scale? Marqeta offers the only modern open-API platform for issuing and managing virtual card programs.

Track your payments end-to-end by assigning a one-time virtual card to each transaction. Set custom expiration attributes, get webhooks for real-time notifications, and configure powerful controls. The next generation of virtual cards is here.

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Affirm chose Marqeta's VIRTUAL solution to pay merchants up front on behalf of consumers right at checkout. Because of the Marqeta platform’s advanced controls, Affirm can restrict funds by merchant, dollar amount, and time. They can use the virtual card solution to automate merchant payments without any human interaction, as well as present virtual cards to consumers that can be used at any merchant.

“Affirm’s mission is to build innovative products that people love and Marqeta’s unique technology provides us the platform and services to help make that possible.”

Max Levchin - CEO of Affirm
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Key Features of the Virtual Solution

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