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Smart money with Marqeta

With Marqeta, your money is worth more for the things you buy every day — groceries, dry cleaning, dining and beyond. Simply pay in advance and get more money to spend at your favorite places.
Your money. Just a whole lot smarter.

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Katie Levine + 660 Plus Number

"Marqeta is great. With a little planning and paying with our Marqeta Card, we always get 8–10% more money to spend on our groceries. We've been members for less than a year and have earned more than the price of a cross-country plane ticket!"

Grow your business through the Marqeta network

9 million+ merchants like you already have the capability.

Just turn it on, no new hardware or software needed.


Jamba Juice Plus-m

Jamba Juice recently partnered with Marqeta to enhance its popular fundraising card program with the launch of the Jamba “Sip to Support Fundraising Card powered by Marqeta”. The Sip to Support program is a strategic element of Jamba's longtime commitment to supporting schools and community organizations that encourage health and wellness. Partnering with Marqeta has helped make the program easier for Jamba consumers and partner organizations to sign up for Sip to Support, and has helped increase participation and usage.

Enter the payments stream, powered by Marqeta

We power the next generation in commerce. Marqeta technology has near limitless options like Loyalty, Gifting, Promotions, Charitable Giving and more. Access the +M Platform's innovative payments technology and optimize the transactions that drive the bottom line for your business.