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Welcome to Marqeta! You can learn about the features of the Marqeta platform by using the guides and reference documentation.

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Learn the Marqeta platform

Discover key concepts of the Marqeta platform with hands-on tutorials.

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Core API

Issue cards and manage payments

Create users, fund accounts, and control spending with the Core API.

Read the Core API Reference

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Explore data insights

View filterable, curated production data with the Data insights, Visualizations, and Analytics (DiVA) API.

Read the DiVA API Reference

Core API Explorer

Play with the shared sandbox

Experiment with Core API endpoints in a shared developer sandbox.

Try the API Explorer

Featured Guides

Learn about cards

Discover cards and their role in the payments ecosystem. Learn how to define the attributes and behaviors of the card object on the Marqeta platform.

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Understand Just-in-Time Funding

Explore the key concepts of JIT Funding, including the difference between Managed and Gateway JIT Funding configurations.

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Create spend controls

Follow a hands-on tutorial that guides you through the creation of authorization and velocity controls.

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