From service to success: supporting our customer’s success

They say being different is a strength. I think that’s certainly true when it comes to delivering stand-out customer service the Marqeta way. But what is the Marqeta way?

From the very first touchpoint, our supportive culture means we proactively communicate rather than react to customer needs. Instead of terming it ‘service’, a more apt label is success. In our view, empowering our customers to realise their payments innovation ambitions is just as important as our world-class modern issuer processing technology.

Fundamentally, there are two layers to customer success with Marqeta. One is our strategic support for customers which is driven and informed by their objectives, and the other is the day-to-day production support, which manifests itself as practical, technical and expert hands-on help to get the job done. In this blog, I talk about the strategic support we provide.

Taking a strategic approach to customer success 

So, why is strategy important in customer success? Well, our customers are more likely to thrive if we take an active interest in their product roadmaps and help them to find the fastest route to revenue. For that reason, my team works closely with subject matter experts across the Marqeta business to drive efficiencies and find solutions. 

And whether we’ve just onboarded a new innovator or have been working together for some time, we constantly seek to understand our customers’ objectives, what success looks like and how to achieve it. This is because we all know that in this fast-moving world of card payments innovation, today’s vision of success can often be very different from next year’s. If you only focus on day-to-day delivery, it’s inevitable that at some point in the future you’ll miss the junction where your customer turns off for a new destination. 

Alongside this, a huge part of the customer success strategy centres on making sure our technology is always aligned to the most up-to-date, modern card programme needs. And by continually evolving the Marqeta platform, we build in the agility and expertise needed to work across multiple markets. 

We like to think of this as a joint approach to development. For example, if a customer suggests ways in which Marqeta’s platform can be enhanced to support their goals, we’ll listen and work to enrich our product roadmap. The fact that an early chapter in our own story involves having to build technology because it didn’t exist, means we totally get the need to be ready to adapt and evolve – or deliver a first in payments innovation. Let’s take a look at a few live examples…

Partners for success: joint innovation in practice

First up is our new 3D Secure solution, which we’ve built to ensure payments innovators are able to comply with Strong Customer Authentication requirements under PSD2. This product’s proposition has been developed in partnership with one of our European customers, Czech-based buy now, pay later solution, Twisto. This functionality, which will allow Twisto to participate in authentication, enables card programme owners to incorporate their own real-time fraud data to make risk decisions and avoid unnecessary friction for cardholders by allowing exemptions for certain transactions. As our customers develop, so do we  – and vice versa.

Another joint approach success story is, the French B2B banking solution that Marqeta helped to deliver a physical and virtual card proposition to its business customers earlier this year. The reason the partnership worked so well was down to what described as “our shared DNA” – a DNA that’s all about working tirelessly to make life better for businesses and consumers. During the integration phase, and Marqeta developer teams collaborated closely to quickly progress the project and overcome challenges unique to the French market. Marqeta’s approach is to fully understand the individual needs of our customers and their market requirements.

How to get off on the right foot

Like any successful long-term relationship, it’s more likely to succeed if you get off on the right foot. But how do you know whether Marqeta is a good fit for your proposition? 

Firstly, we have total confidence in our modern platform – so much so that we let all new prospective customers try out our sandbox and open APIs before committing to any commercial agreement. And secondly, this technology is powered by a team of people who boast significant expertise and knowledge when it comes to digital payments platforms. Our experience is either based on years of working with some of the biggest global payments brands or being a part of Marqeta’s developmental journey over the past decade and longer. As a multidisciplinary team, we know the industry, we know the challenges and we know what success looks like and how to help our customers achieve it – quickly. 

I think it’s this combination of strategic service, joint innovation and world-class technology that enables Marqeta to deliver a seamless customer experience – and in turn ensures our customers can offer their own customers frictionless payments experiences in a rapidly evolving digital world. 

In my next blog, I talk about how we deliver day-to-day support and expertise to our customers. Watch this space.    

Julie Sutton, Head of Customer Success – Europe