Marqeta announces three new digital banking customers across the U.K. and Europe

We’re thrilled to share that we have partnered with three new digital banking clients in the U.K. and Europe, with each of them expected to go live on our platform in 2021. Our European Digital Banking solution was adopted by Dozens, P.F.C, and Novus to help them power new modes of payments.

Dozens is a London-based challenger bank that takes people on a journey from spender to saver to an investor with a current account. They provide budgeting and saving tools and access to various investment products. Novus is also based in London and is a sustainable digital bank that helps users to budget, save, and control their finances. P.F.C. (Personal Finance Co.) is a Swedish neobank that helps its customers attain financial well-being with their mobile-first personal finance app.

“Dozens’ mission is to help our customers manage, save and grow their money. As our business evolves and we add new services to provide our customers with more choice, it was key for us to partner with a new payment processor that would enable us to become more agile,” Aritra Chakravarty, Founder and CEO of Dozens. “Marqeta is that perfect partner – its API-led approach gives us the control we need to customise our new Visa debit card product, while also helping us to create a new offering for our B2B brand Pi1. So, in addition to Dozens customers enjoying their new cards, Pi1 clients taking our Visa cards with Marqeta processing can now enjoy additional out-of-the-box features like merchant reconciliation, metadata from Google Maps and Places APIs, access to our fraud systems and more, making it a cutting-edge combination of card issuing and processing.”

Kevin Albrech, CEO of P.F.C. said they partnered with Marqeta because of our platform and how it will allow them to rapidly build and launch new payment features, as well as support them with their future international expansion plans. “Our ability to offer a highly personalised and transparent personal finance experience has been very well received, allowing us to become one of the fastest growing challengers in Sweden’s competitive fintech market. But in order to build on this, we needed a payment platform that was flexible and scalable, allowing us to seamlessly develop new services that will improve the experience for our users.”

“Marqeta will be a vital partner for us as we get ready to launch next year, helping us to speed up time to market while also empowering us to customise features and scale quickly our impact- and sustainability-driven proposition,” said Hristian Nedyalkov, co-Founder and CEO of Novus.

We’re proud to partner with each of these companies. With our platform, they’ll be able to innovate at speed and deliver solutions to their consumers across Europe.

Click here to read our full press release announcing these new partnerships.