The age of the digital builder has arrived

In our modern lives, each and every one of us is surrounded by what we might term an invisible construction site. 

We’re talking, of course, about the ever-expanding infrastructure that forms the foundations of the fast-growing API economy. 

The developers of this infrastructure are a group of unsung heroes known as digital builders. And while many may not realize it, digital builders have really come into their own in 2020. 

In the face of unprecedented challenges, they’ve delivered rapid, innovative solutions to meet society’s demands for new ways of living, working, and consuming.

Given this backdrop, we thought it was high time we took a look at the traits of a good digital builder and examined in-depth the tools they need to succeed — particularly when it comes to creating innovative card programmes capable of delivering in a constantly changing world. 

In this white paper, titled “The age of the digital builder has arrived,” we explore critical themes including the forces driving innovation today, the growth of the API economy, and the essential relationship between the digital builder and the visionary architects of tech products. 

We also look at some of the obstacles that can set back aspiring digital builders, an important one of which is legacy technology. 

It’s fair to say that legacy platforms can prevent digital builders from reaching their true innovation potential. 

Modern platforms, on the other hand, open up a whole new world of possibility for digital builders. 

With a modern platform, a developer can evaluate whether the platform is capable of delivering against their product development roadmap before committing to a purchase — all on their own, without needing to engage with trained consultants and system administrators that deploy the software. 

Indeed, a key mark of a good modern platform is its ability to allow a digital builder to construct a minimum viable product within a matter of hours. 

Modern card issuing does exactly this. It empowers digital builders by equipping them with tools such as fully-documented open APIs, private sandboxes, and webhooks — which means the only limit on creating a truly innovative card programme is the user’s imagination. 

To put it another way, high performing digital builders need platforms that allow them to quickly and freely build, test, launch, and iterate card programmes on their terms.   

The white paper provides digital builders of all stages with an opportunity to evaluate their position in terms of their business and proposition evolution, while offering suggestions as to how they might progress to a new level of innovation.  

To find out more, view the white paper today.