Marqeta brings back Marqeta Cares Days for all employees

Last year, we introduced Marqeta Cares Days to all Marqeta employees. Marqeta Cares Days were no-work holidays held every other Friday throughout the summer to give our employees a chance to unwind and recharge during a restless 2020.

This year, we’re bringing back Marqeta Cares Days for the month of August, giving Marqetans every Friday off to have the chance to completely unplug and refresh. Our goal with Marqeta Cares Days is for Marqetans to have the chance to take care of their personal lives and have time for themselves. It’s been an exciting and busy year for Marqeta and the summer is moving fast. We want to make sure we can enjoy it with our friends and family with the anticipation that fall will bring a new routine as schools reopen and we continue to maneuver through the ongoing pandemic.

We continue to be amazed by the resilience Marqetans have shown when we adapted overnight to a completely new work environment last year. We’ve seen them show a sense of empathy and care for our fellow coworkers that has kept us close-knit even in extraordinary circumstances. This coming month, we look forward to having the chance to have some extra time to recharge our batteries and get us ready for the rest of the year.