Marqeta enters into strategic partnership with Synctera

Marqeta is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Synctera, a secure and scalable Fintech-as-a-Service solution for community banks and fintechs. This strategic partnership will expand Synctera’s offerings to include card issuing and processing, powered by Marqeta and launching this fall.

Marqeta’s modern card issuing platform enables companies to develop and launch innovative, global, and trusted payment solutions at unprecedented speed. This powerful collaboration will enable Synctera’s customers to easily and efficiently create new card programs.

Our partnership with Synctera will combine their Fintech-as-a-Service capabilities with Marqeta’s modern card issuing and processing solutions to allow fintechs to easily and quickly launch and manage consumer and business debit card programs. It will also simplify and encourage community banks to enter the world of card issuing.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Synctera to bring Marqeta’s modern card issuing and processing capabilities to even more fintechs, and to significantly expand the number of community banks that can access best-in-class issuing technology,” said Darren Mowry, Chief Revenue Officer at Marqeta. “We’re excited about the new innovation and companies that this collaboration can enable.”

“We are super excited to announce our partnership with Marqeta. With card issuing on our platform, we are making it easier than ever for fintech developers to build innovative financial capabilities into their products while creating new revenue opportunities for even more community banks,” said Peter Hazlehurst, co-founder, and CEO of Synctera. “This strategic partnership will not only enhance our Fintech-as-a-Service offering but will help us bring down barriers to participation in the fintech ecosystem between banks and fintechs. This means more flexibility, faster time to market, and a more vibrant market of financial services for end consumers and businesses.”

Synctera’s innovation in building a partnership banking marketplace to connect community banks with fintech platforms is unlocking growth in the payments industry. We are proud and excited to partner together with Synctera to scale these solutions.