New report: The European Payments Landscape in 2030

Introducing our new European payments report: The European Payments Landscape in 2030: Implants, embedded ethics and a ‘post-payments’ world. This report is a futuristic look at the world of payments and examines the potential issues and innovations that may emerge in the next decade.

We partnered with independent experts in payments and identity Consult Hyperion to conduct a series of workshops with 12 industry luminaries including Theodora Lau, Founder of Unconventional Ventures; Brett King, Founder of Moven; and Jonathan Williams, Technical Payments Specialist at Payment Systems Regulator. The workshops were led by acclaimed author and advisor on digital financial services Dave Birch, who delved into a range of issues to gain expert opinions on where the market is heading.

In order to further enrich the insights from the workshop, we also included findings from a survey of 2,037 UK consumers done by Propeller Insights on our behalf, helping to gauge public sentiment around advancing payment technologies.

The report had a few clear takeaways:

Artificial Intelligence and embedded ethics could reign in 2030
There is an appetite for AI-powered smart wallets, with 31% of 18-24-year-old respondents saying they would be comfortable with AI making automated decisions on their behalf to choose the most ethical way to pay.

Will we move to ambient models of commerce?
While 32% of surveyed consumers find the idea of ambient commerce ‘creepy,’ experts believe that given how quickly Uber and the like have been accepted as a normal part of everyday life, the convenience would soon win most people over.

The no-cash generation surfaces serious questions
A no-cash generation is already a concern, with 35% of respondents admitting they worry that younger generations of consumers will struggle to learn to budget or save if they’re not regularly using physical cash.

We dive into these details and much more in our full Payments in 2030 Report. Download your copy here.