How Torpago uses Marqeta to disrupt traditional corporate cards

Many believe there is still too much friction in filing expenses. Wouldn’t it be great if all an employee had to do was spend the money and the rest takes care of itself?

Enter Torpago, a spend management platform designed to serve modern businesses. Founded in 2020 by Brent Jackson, Torpago is on a mission to disrupt traditional corporate cards and modernize spend management for businesses of all sizes. The company empowers thousands of brands with simple and easy solutions that grant more extensive control and transparency of company spend. 

Prior to founding Torpago, Jackson worked as a Senior Consultant with Deloitte, where he gained insight into spend management challenges. He was inspired to start his own company after hearing countless concerns from businesses that were frustrated about the lack of better corporate card programs with strong spend management functionalities. This was particularly true among small businesses that are cost-sensitive. 

With cash flow getting tighter for many businesses, doing everything possible to take control of finances is essential. Setting up spend controls for expenses is an important step. Additionally, business leaders are looking to free up personnel by removing unnecessary administrative burdens, such as tedious expense reports and manual reimbursements.

As a result, Torpago was born, offering a free corporate card with an affordable spend management platform that can issue cards to employees and set spend controls.

Read the full case study to find out how Marqeta helps power Torpago’s corporate card program with physical and tokenized card issuing, spend controls, Gateway Just-In-Time Funding, RiskControl features, and more.