May 10, 2022 | 2 min read

Marqeta’s future of work is Flexible First


We’re thrilled to share that Marqeta is now a Flexible First company. When thinking about the future of work at Marqeta, our number one priority was to enable employees to create a work-life balance that best suits their work style and preferences. With our Flexible First approach, Marqetans moving forward will be able to choose where they do their best work, whether at home or, depending on where they live, in one of our main global offices.

How we defined “Flexible First”

Overnight, the pandemic required us to take everything we did at the office and figure out how to do it at home. Through this experience, we’ve found a new level of flexibility in how we work, and continue to crave this flexibility as we move into the next phase of our workplace experience. When we set out to define our Future of Work philosophy, we knew we had to be intentional about articulating how we envision who we hire, where we work, and how we operate together – the three main pillars of our Flexible First approach.

When it comes to who we hire, we’ve seen the benefits of having a hybrid workforce these last two years, with both local and distributed employees. During the pandemic, our distributed workforce grew 5x, with Marqetans moving and being hired all over the country, and a few globally, for various reasons to best suit their needs. As a result, the barriers to entry in tech, one of which has historically been location, have been removed, and we’re seeing the benefits in more nationally representative hires across our teams. We’ll continue to hire distributed talent, allowing Marqetans to live and work where they are most productive and happiest.

Where and how we will operate

We’ll be supporting remote work at all levels of the company, with leaders modeling this behavior by having the choice to work remotely themselves. For those that prefer to come into an office, employees that live near one of our main offices, including our global Oakland HQ, and our international London and Manchester locations, are able to work from those locations. Our offices are optimized distinctly to support specific types of work including deep-focus work and large-scale, in-person collaboration.

Flexible First is our future

Over the last two years, we’ve identified the need to increase our focus on mental wellness and having a positive work-life balance. We believe that this Flexible First approach will allow Marqetans to plan for more flexibility in their daily life (for kids, parents, groceries, sports, appointments, or whatever life throws our way.) We want to reduce long commute hours and make sure our employees have more time for themselves and their families. We’ve seen the benefits of remote work and how we’ve kept productivity high throughout the pandemic, and are excited for the future as a Flexible First company. Learn more about our open positions and what it’s like to work with us here.

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