March 10, 2020 | 3 min read

Marqeta announces first Australian transactions


Marqeta is excited to announce that we have officially started transacting in Australia, where we’ll be supporting two of our global customers, Klarna and Doordash, with their expansions into the country. 

Following our announcement last October that we are certified to process payments in 10 APAC countries in partnership with Visa, we processed our first Australian transactions in early January. 

Our move into Australia means entrepreneurs and businesses will be able to respond to the rapid rise in digital payments with flexible payment solutions. In the last 10 years, the average Australian more than doubled their use of electronic payments with double-digit growth predicted in mobile wallet payments in the next five years. Our open API platform enables customers to scale internationally and provide world-class customer experiences in payments. 

Marqeta customers are already noticing a positive reaction from Australian consumers, with Klarna’s app and virtual card downloads increasing on a daily basis.

“We love working with Marqeta. Their ability to work at speed, cut through complexity and always have the end consumer experience at heart perfectly matches how we work at Klarna. Our close collaboration in bringing an entirely new product offering and shopping experience to the Australian market in record time has been a big success. The positive reaction of Australian consumers is evident in just how many are downloading and using the app and ghost card each day,” says Koen Köppen, CTO at Klarna.

Marqeta operates in Canada and Europe, where we launched in 2018, and we’ll be continuing to add new geographies for our customers to take advantage of in the future. Marqeta has set a global standard for modern card issuing and our platform, open API, and advanced analytics provide our customers with unprecedented speed and control to manage payment operations.

Read more about our launch in our press release.

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