August 15, 2023 | 2 min read

Marqeta announces new Generative AI investments

Generative AIGenerative AIGenerative AI

We’re excited to announce our first steps in enabling Generative AI on the Marqeta platform. Today, we unveiled Marqeta Docs AI, our AI-powered external-facing question and answer tool, that helps users quickly navigate the Marqeta Docs site, integrate with our APIs more efficiently, and reduce the overall time to value (TTV) for our customers. 

Marqeta Docs AI is a generative AI tool that uses the OpenAI-powered Large Language Model (LLM). With the tool, our customers can ask questions and find answers to individual use cases, gaining a faster understanding of its offerings and the complexities of creating payment solutions. This tool showcases our ability to innovate and make it easier for our customers to launch scalable payment offerings and see faster results. Marqeta Docs AI is currently in beta with plans for general availability later in Q3. 

In addition to Marqeta Docs AI, we released the early test results from our internal code generation tool that optimizes task efficiency for our developers by up to 75%. Our emerging technologies team launched the internal code generator and tested its capabilities within a specified team over one month, showing immediate benefits in improving productivity for several code generation tasks. These two purpose-built solutions represent the first step in enabling generative AI on our platform, with plans to expand our capabilities. 

As we deepen our investment in emerging technologies and Generative AI, we will be ensuring that our customers can trust the new tools and develop a comprehensive strategy for handling business data and analytics. Learn more here.

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