October 28, 2021 | 2 min read

Marqeta joins Temenos MarketPlace

Marqeta joins Temenos MarketPlaceMarqeta joins Temenos MarketPlaceMarqeta joins Temenos MarketPlace

We’re thrilled to join the Temenos MarketPlace, a renowned ecosystem of fintech solutions for banks. Through this collaboration with Temenos, the software banking company based in Geneva, Switzerland, we’ll provide banks with a pre-integrated fintech solution used by some of the world’s most innovative payment companies including Klarna, Uber, and Square.

Temenos’ modern technology architecture, robust APIs, and MarketPlace enable banks to embrace a platform-based business model, quickly integrate innovative solutions, and offer their customers a broader range of financial services. Joining the Temenos MarketPlace brings our modern card issuing platform to banks worldwide, from challenger banks to established incumbents. With instant access to our technology, banks can bring new card and payment ideas and experiences to market at speed.

The integration with our platform enables Temenos’ banking and financial institution customers to leverage our open APIs, Tokenization as a Service, Just-in-Time Gateway Funding, and other market-leading functionalities. Financial service innovators can build, test, launch, and iterate modern and scalable card programs from the ground up on their terms, without expensive or time-consuming change requests.

“Marqeta’s card issuing and payment processing platform is setting the industry standard for API-first payments functionality. In the face of increased competition and rising expectations, banks must compete on experience to attract and retain customers. Agility and speed to market are key,” says Martin Bailey, Product Director Innovation and Ecosystem, Temenos. “This latest addition to the Temenos MarketPlace offers a pre-integrated solution for banks to create a tailored payment experience and build card programs in hours, not months. We’re delighted this exciting business has joined MarketPlace and confident it will benefit our customers now and into the future, thanks to Marqeta’s commitment to continual innovation.”


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