February 8, 2024 | 5 min read

The Taylor Swift Effect? BNPL Data on pre Super Bowl Spend


This year’s Super Bowl will take place this Sunday, February 11, and whether folks are watching to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift or plan to actually watch some football, we've got the inside scoop on how people are spending in both San Francisco and Kansas City.

Grab your wings and your merch, cause it’s game-on when it comes to data!

Are you ready for it?

Dressing the Part - Sports Apparel Spending 

Marqeta data shows, (we are the global card issuing platform powering many of the world’s biggest BNPL platforms) that consumers are turning to flexible payment options to help them prep for the big game.  BNPL spending on sports apparel is up 31% compared to the same time period last year (Jan 28-Feb 4). 

Got your Cardigan?

Even though Kansas City went to the Super Bowl last year, they are still seeing jumps when it comes to spending. Can we call this the Taylor Effect? 

  • 68% jump in average sports apparel spending in the Kansas City area from Jan 21-28, 2024 compared to the week before. 49er fans only saw an 18% increase in the San Francisco Bay Area during this  same time period.

  • Gen Z consumers in the Kansas City area spent an average of $124 per transaction on sports apparel compared to only $62 for SF Bay Area Gen Z consumers during Jan 21-28, 2024. 

Champagne Problems?

Bars vs. Restaurants: How SF & KC are Spectating the Playoffs 

  • According to our data, Kansas City consumers spent 15% more on average at restaurants during Jan 21-28, 2024, compared to San Francisco Bay Area consumers. In addition, Gen Z consumers in Kansas City spent 12.5% more at restaurants that week compared to SF Bay Area Gen Z consumers.

  • For the same time period, San Francisco consumers spent an average of 52% more at bars than Kansas City consumers, potentially indicating SF Bay Area consumers were more likely to catch the game at their neighborhood bar instead of restaurants. 

That’s a first down for data. Want to learn more about BNPL and how can Marqeta help your organization be game day ready? Let’s talk

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