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Marqeta's technology team is building payment infrastructure and experiences for the world's innovators.

We're Doing Big Things

The Marqeta platform provides the most advanced infrastructure and tools for building highly configurable payment card solutions. Our platform enables payment authorization decisioning, cardholder data security, instant card issuing, in-app provisioning directly to digital wallets, and real-time funding with our exclusive Just-in-Time (JIT) funding. We are bringing our modern payment solutions to the world's most innovative companies, and you can help. Come build with us and leave your mark!

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Completely remaking our Developer Docs site — with GatsbyJS

Marqeta is continually expanding in company size and technological offerings.

Taming Time Series Data

At Marqeta, being a payments processor, we are constantly examining trends in the transactions we process for fraud detection and for projecting capacity and growth.

Pre-Signing AWS S3 URLs

Here at Marqeta, we have to focus on consuming APIs in an efficient way while making the experience a joy for our customers.

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