Expense Management

Manage Corporate Expenses with Ease and Flexibility

Give companies and employees payment flexibility while maintaining control.

Add Flexibility and Control to Your Expense Program

Business expenses made by employees are difficult to control and track in a timely manner. Marqeta makes it easy to configure purchase cards and control expenses.

Marqeta powers expense management companies by:

Easily creating physical or virtual cards on demand for specific events, employees, or purchases.

Configuring controls to limit spending by individual, team, budget, time, merchant, etc.

Controlling transactions using your business logic and dynamic spend controls.

Gaining real-time visibility and data on employee spend to ensure everything is on track.

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Virtual Cards

Instantly issue single- or multi-use cards from your mobile device. Virtual cards let you respond quickly to urgent business needs.

Dynamic Spend Controls

Powerful controls configured for your business and end-customer needs, such as amount, time available for use, and merchant.

Real-Time Data

Gain key insights into employee, team spending patterns. Get visibility into corporate spending to manage expenses and optimize budgets.

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