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A Modern Payments Platform for Media Buys

Agencies can simplify media buying activities at the client level for thousands of orders for ad space while gaining billing efficiencies through simplified reconciliation.

Media Buying Simplified

Media buying agencies can benefit from Marqeta's single-use virtual cards with rich data attached to each transaction.

Marqeta powers media agencies by:

Leveraging advanced spend controls to manage individual campaigns.

Simplifying invoicing and reconciliation with one payment source.

Improving financial reporting and resolve invoicing issues with enhanced data.

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Virtual Cards

Gain accounting efficiencies while reducing operational complexities by using virtual cards for media buying as virtual cards are tied to an account, campaign or campaign group.

Dynamic Spend Controls

Configure spend controls according to your business needs. Manage how your cards can be used with a wide range of controls that help prevent fraud.

Actionable Insights

Get access to the granular data you need to understand and optimize media buying. Use the DiVA API to gain access to raw data and build custom reports to gain powerful insights.

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