On-Demand Delivery

Tighten Operations and Expand Opportunities

Power your payments with a platform that fuels growth and reduces fraud.

Supplying On-Demand and Staying in Control

Seamless payment operations are critical when it comes to on-demand services. Fraud is hard to detect, much less control.

Marqeta powers on-demand delivery companies by:

Reducing the risk of fraud by only funding cards when the transaction is authorized.

Matching merchant payments to customer orders using metadata attached to transactions.

Onboarding couriers quickly, scaling the business as virtual cards are issued instantly.

Seamlessly adding merchants to your offering without the need for affiliations or integrations.

Innovators Powered by Marqeta

Modern Payment solutions

Doordash Case study

Just-in-Time (JIT) Funding

Release funds at the precise moment they’re needed and match ‘money in’ with ‘money out’. Reduce the risk of fraud by controlling authorizations against your business logic.

Virtual Cards

Onboard couriers quickly by allowing them to pay with virtual cards that can instantly be pushed to their phones.  Easily reconcile transactions with virtual card.

Real-Time Data

Gain key user insights with enhanced data added to standard transactions. Insights help drive better courier operations, reduce fraud and drive business growth.

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