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A Better Payment Experience

Marqeta allows you to focus on your core business with a simple solution for the last mile of the supplier-payment process.

Modern Payment Platform Simplifies Fulfillment

Marqeta supports online retailers who use drop shipment by providing a virtual card that allows multiple supplier payments from a single transaction ensuring faster order fulfillment.

Marqeta powers online retailers by:

Issuing single-use virtual cards to ease payment complexities.

Instantly paying multiple suppliers with virtual cards.

Avoiding order delays and improve overall capture rates.

Cleanly reconciling transactions, tracking shipments, refunding returns.

Ensuring timely supplier payment at peak times with over 99.99% uptime.

Easily navigating elaborate purchase flows for drop shipment retailers.

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Virtual Cards

Issue dedicated virtual cards to pay multiple suppliers for a single order. Onboard merchants without having to integrate with each merchant or merchant system.

Dynamic Spend Controls

Control transactions, reduce the risk of fraud and enable exceptional customer experience by configuring spend controls according to your business rules.

Real-Time Data

Gain key customer insights in a timely fashion on spending patterns with data added to standard transactions. Insights help retain customers and drive business growth.

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We love working with Marqeta. Their ability to work at speed, cut through complexity and always have the end consumer experience at heart perfectly matches how we work at Klarna. Our close collaboration in bringing an entirely new product offering and shopping experience to the Australian market in record time has been a big success. The positive reaction of Australian consumers is evident in just how many are downloading and using the app and ghost card each day.

Koen Köppen,
Chief Technology Officer, Klarna

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