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Build Merchant Network, Provide Choices to End-Users

Engage customers at the point of discovery with cards they can use to increase their purchase in store, online that allows seamless new merchant onboarding.

Onboard More Merchants

A modern lending solution that works with existing infrastructure: the customers’ mobile phone and the merchants’ POS systems. With virtual cards, lenders can offer borrowers choice of merchant, easily onboard merchants without merchant integration pain, and approve and fund transactions in real-time without the need for lenders to integrate with each individual merchant.

Marqeta powers point-of-sale lenders by:

Onboarding merchants easily, quickly with no POS systems integration needed.

Managing risk and increasing customer engagement through user behavior data.

Faster daily reconciliation by linking contract IDs to transactions in real time.

Extending the life-time value of the user, building longer and stickier relationships.

Enabling greater payment choice and flexibility for customers.

Providing faster, convenient experience at POS in real-time via lender’s mobile app.

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Just-in-Time (JIT) Funding

Disburse funds when customers need them – even right at the point of discovery - while the customer is in the aisle - increasing purchase amount and lifetime value.

Dynamic Spend Controls

Lock card spend down at a granular level to a specific merchant category or to a specific retailer, creating merchant loyalty and co-branded experience.

Mobile Experience with Virtual Cards

Offer borrowers a seamless mobile experience. Instantly issue virtual cards for immediate use and capture spend data for usage, customer insights.

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Affirm’s mission is to build innovative products that people love and Marqeta’s unique technology provides us the platform and services to help make that possible.

Max Levchin,
CEO of Affirm

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