Startup Express: A DIY Card Program Designed for Growth

Use our partners to instantly prototype, test and launch your card program.

Our partnerships with industry-leading Fintechs will bring you a self-serve environment to design your proof of concept.

You have a great idea and the wheels are in motion for your startup, but you’re not sure how to get your debit card or credit card program off the ground. That’s where Startup Express comes in – making modern card issuing accessible to entrepreneurs and brands that want to launch an MVP, get into market, or test their proof of concept quickly. Startup Express provides you with access to our banking-as-a-service partners with out-of-the-box solutions that make it possible to instantly design, prototype, test and launch your own branded debit card or credit card. This infrastructure represents everything you need to move your idea forward, and it’s available right now!

Through Startup Express partners, you’ll gain access to high-value capabilities, like a guided development experience for developers and entrepreneurs to create banking applications. This can include banking and regulatory guidance. Not only can you customize numerous card features to create the best customer experience, but Startup Express partners also open the door to an intuitive “live bank environment,” where Fintechs can test their product in a live environment versus sandbox, or private domain.

Why Startup Express?
Marqeta has vetted Banking-as-a-Service partners to ensure they are right for you. We have developed an ecosystem of partnerships with leading companies that enrich our offering and can provide more value and solve more customer needs.

Reasons to test with Marqeta’s innovative Partners:

  • Prototype cards, create accounts, and mimic flow of funds without going live
  • Launch an MVP card product with speed and agility through a low-touch solution

Getting your card program off the ground doesn’t have to be slow and painful. Startup Express makes it easy to test, learn and adjust as you go. The opportunity to test gradually in iterative steps helps pave the way for a streamlined, efficient experience when you go to market. You can leverage insights to identify strengths and potential weaknesses, which can guide your strategy and strengthen your card program.

To start innovating with Marqeta’s partners and hit the ground running with your idea, submit your information to Startup Express.

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