Startup Express

Use our partners to instantly prototype, test and launch your card program.

Our partnerships with industry-leading Fintechs will bring you a self-serve environment to design your proof of concept.

Ready to get started with modern card issuing today? Test your MVP and go-to-market with Startup Express. Leverage our trusted banking-as-a-service Partners to pilot your innovation and launch your test product in as quickly as a few days.

We have partnered with leaders in the industry so you donโ€™t have to. Through Startup Express, we extend our partnerships to you and give you the ability to test and learn through our partners.

Startup Express gives brands and developers the ability to instantly test new payment experiences based on their use cases and desired time frame. We want to give you the ability to create and shape the MVP and design the proof of concept you had in mind.

Reasons to test with Marqeta’s innovative Partners:

  • Prototype cards, create accounts, and mimic flow of funds without going live
  • Launch an MVP card product with speed and agility through a low-touch solution

Contact us to start innovating with Marqetaโ€™s Partners today.

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