Real-Time Decisioning

Apply fine-tuned control to every transaction with fraud mitigation built specifically for modern card issuers

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Tailor authorization rules to fit your business

Create and implement rules for card transactions based upon your business logic and hundreds of data attributes

Retain revenue and mitigate losses

Get in front of fraudulent card transactions to help protect revenue and reduce chargebacks

Improve the cardholder experience

Accelerate growth without sacrificing the cardholder experience or ignoring card program risk

What is Real-Time Decisioning?

Real-Time Decisioning enables card issuers to take control of their card program and configure granular rules that determine how each and every transaction is approved.

Fine-tuned controls

Develop custom rules using your own business logic and external data, including card network risk scores, to apply to each card transaction

Decision in real-time

Card transactions will be approved or declined in real-time based upon implemented rules to align with card program objectives

Monitor outcomes

Review transactions and learn how existing rules are performing to swiftly adjust on the fly as needed

Marqeta’s Real-Time Decisioning solution has allowed us to launch a successful card programme and stay in front of potential fraud concerns. In the early stages of our programme, we’ve already seen how Marqeta’s flexible controls have helped us fight against fraudulent transactions before they happen, which enables us to better serve our customers and optimize for growth.

Theso Jivajirajah

Chief Risk Officer, Yonder

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