A guide to understanding modern card issuing 

A Guide to Understanding Modern Card Issuing 

Across industries, many of today’s most innovative business models have one thing in common: Their payment solutions are built on modern payment infrastructure. 

Even though legacy payments infrastructure has moved money reliably and within certain accepted constraints for decades, it has rarely served as a differentiator. However, the business models of these startups — including Uber, Square, Instacart, Afterpay, DoorDash, N26, and Marcus — required highly configurable payment cards and a simple way to manage payment programs. To set the agenda for commerce in their respective industries, these innovators turned to modern card issuing — a new way of issuing cards and processing transactions.

In this guide we will walk through

  • What is modern card issuing?
  • Top characteristics of a modern card issuing platform
  • The applications and use cases of a card issuing platform
  • Comparisons between modern card issuing platforms and legacy

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