Why consumers don’t understand fraud and what payment innovators need to do about it

A new report provides insights into U.S. and U.K. consumer attitudes toward payment card fraud.

Card fraud research report 

How can we reconcile the undeniable benefits of the digital economy with all the ways that it has left consumers vulnerable to payment card fraud?

In partnership with Propeller Insights, Marqeta surveyed 4,000 consumers across the United States and the United Kingdom about their experience with card fraud and how they would like their banks and financial services providers to respond. 

  • 1 in 5 people surveyed said they had a fraudulent transaction in the past 12 months.

  • 59% said they did not accept fraud as an evitable part of the digital economy. 

  • 55% said they worried frequently about card fraud when buying something online.


U.S. hit hardest by card fraud

Americans were more likely to have been victims of fraud (46%), including being repeat targets, compared to U.K. consumers (38%). They were also more likely to hold their banks responsible for protecting them (49%), compared to the U.K., where more than half of consumers (57%) held themselves responsible.

 For a deep dive into attitudes and behaviors around fraud, read the full report.

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