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Building a modern credit card experience with Marqeta and Deserve


Veena Bontu
Product Marketing

Candace Sjogren

Kamesh Tumsi
VP of Credit

Candace Sjogren

Kalpesh Kapadia,
CEO and Founder

If you look at the customer experience of a traditional credit card, not much has changed in the last twenty years. They often offer the same application flow, static rewards propositions, and a user journey that isnโ€™t integrated with the brand offering the card. Modern credit cards built on API-first technology, on the other hand, can enable highly personalized rewards, embedded experiences that build true brand loyalty, and real-time insights to help consumers understand their spend.ย ย 

Join Marqeta and Deserve in this webinar to learn:

  • What modern consumers expect from their cards
  • What makes a credit card truly modern
  • What to look for in a credit card platform
  • How Marqeta + Deserve can help you launch a next-generation card

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