Black Lives Matter Message from our CEO

We need to take action in our communities. Black Lives Matter.

In Minneapolis, a south Georgia neighborhood, Sanford, Florida, Louisville, Kentucky, New York’s Central Park, and in so many American cities and neighborhoods, we have witnessed violence against and the death of Black men and women. Sadly, this isn’t a rare moment in time. Hatred and violence, institutionalized in every aspect of our society, have always turned their ugliness into action. 

These are incredibly chilling and overwhelming times for our Black community. The recent events have been very upsetting for me personally. As a CEO, it’s commonplace to be consumed with building a successful business. However, a quarantine caused by a devastating pandemic provided the world space and time to truly absorb the human rights violations Black people face daily. At Marqeta, we believe in equality and justice. We stand with the Black community, now more than ever. 

I’ve listened and learned a great deal this week about what change begins to look like. It starts with me, you, our company, and our communities. It starts with listening to the Black people closest to us, to learning about their experiences and what they are going through. It starts with appreciating the fear, not only for themselves and their children and families, but also for all the other Black women and Black men in this country who could become victims of bias and hate. It includes talking with other allies about what allyship and anti-racism means and, most importantly, taking action. Never again will Marqeta miss a moment to fight to end injustice, inequality, discrimination, and the murder of Black people. We need to work consistently today, tomorrow, and every day in the future for absolute change. It is simply the right thing to do. We want the Black community inside and outside Marqeta to know that we see you, and we support you. 

I have been working with BlackCard, an ERG (Employee Resource Group), here at Marqeta to decide where to invest our time, resources, and capital. Please know that this is only the beginning:

  • Today, Marqeta is committing $100,000 to support causes locally and nationally that work to empower the Black community and to end systemic racism, violence, and the murder of Black people.
  •  Under our Marqeta Cares initiative, Marqeta is also committing Marqeta stock to be converted into cash this year to raise a minimum of $500,000 towards supporting causes in Oakland and around the world where Marqeta operates and where societal inequities endure.
  • I am committing my own money toward a matching campaign that starts today. Money raised by Marqetans will go toward ending injustice in our Black communities.

I care about this company and all of its people. I care that all our employees walk through the door every day feeling like they belong here. It is important that we work together in a diverse, fair, inclusive, and respectful environment and that we are able to have a positive impact on each other and our customers. Marqeta is committed to supporting long-term opportunities for education and training so that together we can make a difference— for our families and in our neighborhoods in the cities, towns, states, and countries that we call home.

Please join me and help build Marqeta into a platform for true justice and equality for all.


Jason Gardner, 
Founder and CEO, Marqeta