Marqeta’s 2020 internship program comes to a close: congrats to our first fully-remote interns

It’s a bittersweet time at Marqeta right now because we’re getting ready to say goodbye to the members of our 2020 internship program cohort. This year’s program played out differently than years past, being the first time our interns were working completely from home. Our interns have done an incredible job though and we’re thrilled to have worked with these 11 talented individuals for the last 3 months.

Marqeta’s internship program was established to provide on-the-job experience and support to students and recent graduates as they navigate the often nerve-wracking transition into the real world. The program is based on four pillars that we established to make sure each intern gets the most out of the experience. These include: 

  • Grow your skills: interns present a final project at the end of the program and are assigned a manager and “buddy” who provide support and guidance throughout.
  • Build your network: interns are invited to virtual Fireside Chats and lunches with the CEO and department heads. 
  • Mature professionally: volunteers from Marqeta provide constructive feedback on each intern’s resume, LinkedIn profile and intern projects. 
  • Build memories with peers: we want our interns to have a fun and memorable experience at Marqeta. Past activities included virtual scavenger hunts, trivia nights and happy hours. 

Our mission for our internship program is to attract a diverse group of individuals from various campuses around the country. This year, our cohort was 55% female and 45% male, with students coming from UC Berkeley, Arizona State, Georgia Tech and Dartmouth. Interns were able to gain experience in software engineering, project management or product management, and we’re looking to expand the program to other departments at Marqeta next year. 

Emma Stevens, one of our New Market Entry, Project Manager interns, shared her experience with us and how it’s been working at Marqeta. “Being on the New Market Entry team, I learned so much about global expansion and what it takes to enter a new region. More than that, Marqeta allowed me to explore different areas and encouraged me to ask questions about all aspects of the company. I felt very welcomed by the Marqeta community and I couldn’t have asked for a better intern experience.” 

From our engineering team, Tyler Reinecke had this to say about his time as a remote Software Engineer intern, “As an intern this past summer, I felt fully integrated as a contributing member of the Marqeta team. I credit the positive company culture and driven, talented employees for adapting during COVID-19 to a positive, thriving virtual work environment. The team was always available to work collaboratively and problem solve as needed, as well as maintain an open line of communication to ensure that my summer was as productive and educational as possible.”

It’s been great to see their impact and a successful transition to a virtual-only internship program. We’re sad to say goodbye to this group of trailblazers, who made the most out of their experience as our first all-remote interns. We wish you all the best of luck and are excited to see what you do next! 

We’ll be sure to share details about openings for our 2021 internship program in the near future.