Marqeta’s OpenAPI Definitions are in public beta

Marqeta’s OpenAPI definitions are in public beta

We’re excited to announce the public beta release of our OpenAPI definitions and documentation, which can be found at

This release provides our customers with a single source of truth to build their software development kit (SDKs) and implement their card programs upon the same source used to generate Marqeta’s public docs and application programming interface (APIs), providing increased consistency and efficiency for our developer customers.

Additionally, with this release our API definitions are now based upon the OpenAPI 3.0 standard. Moving to OpenAPI 3.0 will enable our developers to use current OpenAPI 3.0 tools for their day-to-day development, including code generation and viewing documentation in a preferred tool. This will enable developers to build more comfortably on the Marqeta platform while unlocking further value for their card program. 

So, what’s next? We will be addressing some known issues and continuing to refine this documentation for our developers to provide an optimized and improved experience with Marqeta. In the future, these definitions will also serve as the basis for our new public SDKs.

To provide feedback or learn more, visit our Developer Community.

– The Marqeta Developer Experience Team