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Marqeta Release Highlights - Q2 2023

IMAGE Marqeta Release Highlights - Q2 2023IMAGE Marqeta Release Highlights - Q2 2023IMAGE Marqeta Release Highlights - Q2 2023

Author: Tyler Walson, Marqeta Product Marketing

Welcome to this quarter’s issue of Marqeta Release Highlights. In this series, we highlight a few of our recent product enhancements to provide you insights into how our products are evolving to help you grow your business. 

If you need a refresher from Q1 you can find that here: Q1 Release Highlights 

Improved Marqeta Dashboard experience:

There are several updates to the Marqeta Dashboard experience that provide users with more granular application access and product-area specific content. These enable Dashboard users to access content and data quickly and provide a better overall experience. Here are a few of the new features you’ll find:

Content switcher:

Move easily between workspaces and quickly access the information you need.

mqd comms 01

Data & Insights workspace:

Access all of your reports from the Data & Insights workspace and take advantage of the dynamic filtering, sorting, and interactive visualizations.

mqd comms 02

Enhanced transaction investigation:

Leverage a customized experience for investigating transactions in major cardholder support use cases. 


Additional resources:

Simulations 2.0

Simulations 2.0 delivers a new and improved experience in the Sandbox, providing developers with endpoints to simulate various event types. Two types of simulations are supported today - card transactions and direct deposits - with additional simulations coming in the future.  

Simulations 2.0 provides an enhancement to what was previously available to test in our Sandbox, including the latest Open API specification, a richer testing experience, and support for all transaction types. 

Additionally, you can use Postman to run requests for card transaction and direct deposit simulations endpoints. This collection of requests has been saved as a YAML file which is available below.

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Statements API endpoints

Our new Statements feature provides Marqeta customers with the data needed to build out visualized statements for users. Through streamlined API endpoints, monthly statements can easily be built and include detailed account and transaction data. 

Statement data is provided in JSON format for programs to easily digest and pass along to end users in a visualized format, helping to remove the operational burden for programs and accelerate the process of providing monthly statements.

Check Returns

Marqeta customers can now deliver account closure payouts via physical check, in addition to electronic methods already available. This new ability will allow users to meet compliance considerations and provide more flexibility in payout options. 

Using a simple API endpoint, programs can obtain a physical check for a user after terminating their account.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about what we’re up to here at Marqeta.  If you want to dig deeper or speak to an expert, reach out to your Customer Success Rep or follow the below links: 

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