March 22, 2022 | 2 min read

Jason Gardner named one of the Top Financial Technology CEOs

Leadership award Jason GardnerLeadership award Jason GardnerLeadership award Jason Gardner

We’re excited to see our Founder & CEO Jason Gardner named one of the Top 50 Financial Technology CEOs of 2022 by the Financial Technology Report. This year’s awardees represent some of the most accomplished and innovative leaders across the sector. These executives and their companies are changing the way technology enhances and automates the delivery of financial services to consumers worldwide.

Jason founded Marqeta in 2010 with the intention of disrupting the card issuing space with the introduction of a modern, innovative technology. Since then, he has led our team through incredible growth, helping to establish Marqeta as the pioneer of modern card issuing. Under Jason’s leadership, we’ve worked with booming disruptors and large financial institutions alike, providing them with our flexible, open API infrastructure that enables companies like Block, Instacart, Google, and DoorDash to build highly configurative payment solutions. We’re now a public company, after debuting on the Nasdaq in June 2021, and we thank Jason for leading the way for us and continuing to prioritize our employee and customer needs.

As the financial technology industry continues its meteoric growth, the CEOs listed on this list are poised to remain at the forefront, providing secure, accessible, and powerful financial services for the consumers and enterprises they serve. We thank the Financial Technology Report for recognizing Jason and are sending our congratulations to all the honorees. View the full list here. Learn more about Marqeta and our modern card issuing platform here.

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