March 31, 2020 | 5 min read

Marqeta announces Oaklanders Supporting Oaklanders Initiative


We are proud to introduce Marqeta’s Oaklanders Supporting Oaklanders Initiative, an effort to support the small businesses in our community that have lost a dramatic volume of business and revenue during these unprecedented times. 

Marqeta takes great pride in being an Oakland-based business and is committed to serving the vibrant and diverse community that we have had the honor of being a part of for many years. Our Oaklanders Supporting Oaklanders Initiative will support the local restaurants that anchor our community and address food insecurity experienced by Oakland’s most vulnerable residents. It is also a way of showing our appreciation for frontline medical workers fighting the coronavirus epidemic. 

In collaboration with key restaurants and nonprofits, the initiative officially launches today, March 31st, 2020. 

How it works: 

We are setting up accounts at Oakland restaurants that will pay for meals supplied by these restaurants to select Oakland-based nonprofits and hospitals. We’ll be launching in collaboration with Oakland restauranteur and chef Tanya Holland of Brown Sugar Kitchen as well as nonprofits including Harbor House, Beyond Emancipation, and City Team, all of which offer a variety of resources that provide help to those most in need. 

We hope to have this initiative grow in its reach and impact to include additional restaurants, community organizations, and corporate partners. 

We’re asking for more companies to get involved: 

Communities are in the beginning stages of responding to the needs of those most affected by COVID-19, and we are also looking to tackle long-term needs. 

We’re inviting other stakeholders in Oakland’s future to join us in Oaklanders supporting Oaklanders and consider a minimum financial commitment of $15,000, which will create 1,000 meals for our community, provide immediate cash flow to restaurants, and ensure income for their workers.

At this moment, when physical and financial health is imperiled across our community, it’s so important to stand together. Let’s all do what we can to support each other, now and in the coming weeks and months.

We’d love your help! Contact us for more information.

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