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Innovating the user experience for consumer lending.

Marqeta powers consumer lenders by:

Allowing end-users to access the funding “on demand”, when and where they want.

Letting borrowers pay no interest until money is spent, draw financing when needed.

Improving customer loyalty and reducing risk through meaningful data/analytics.

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Just-in-Time (JIT) Funding

Instantly provide funds at the moment your customers are making a purchase. There is no need to preload, lock up funds, or guess the amount your customers will need. Give them financing when they need it, as often as they need it.

Personalized Funding

Offer your borrower funds as soon as they are approved via virtual card, and then provide them with a plastic card for future spend and renewals.  Marqeta provides you with multiple card form factors to meet your customer’s needs.

Better Underwrite Renewals

Use actionable data and gain key insights into customer spending patterns to drive targeted marketing strategies. Use insights to identify opportunities and enable portfolio growth, help mitigate risk & inform underwriting.

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Affirm’s mission is to build innovative products that people love and Marqeta’s unique technology provides us the platform and services to help make that possible.

Max Levchin,
CEO of Affirm

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