Digital Banking

Turn Up Customer Engagement

A card program that improves cardholder convenience to promote higher engagement and increased card use.

Be the Primary Card in their Wallet

Digital-first banks, non-banks, and financial service providers are delivering the convenience of day-to-day spending features to customers through modern card programs from Marqeta. Our platform and suite of  Digital Banking solutions deliver the scale and reliability necessary to add more value to your customer relationships.

Marqeta offers Digital Banking Solutions that:

Enable debit card features through modern card programs.

Extend the lifetime value of the user, building longer and stickier relationships.

Enable greater payment choice and flexibility for customers.

Increase market stickiness and renewals with a plastic card.

Increase engagement with a customizable card program.

Reducing risk through meaningful data/analytics.

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Get to Market Fast

Capturing market share quickly to learn from your customers is essential in Digital Banking. Build, test and continuously refine new features using our instant-issue sandbox. Configure unique solutions quickly by seamlessly integrating Marqeta’s APIs with existing systems.

Grow Customer Base & Stay Top-of-Wallet

Card programs with day-to-day financial services like direct deposit and cash access through ATMs help turn monthly engaged users into daily engaged users. Higher engagement directly translates to more card usage and higher long-term customer value.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Use our feature-rich API and digital banking solution to create payment experiences as unique as your brand, promoting customer engagement and frequent use of your service.

Manage Risk & Ensure Compliance

Speed has raised the bar on the importance of a strong Program Management partner with the expertise to ensure agility, compliance, and efficiency to protect your hard-earned revenue.

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