Risk management

Manage risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and prevent fraud.

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Fraud prevention

Rely on real-time data to reduce fraud and ensure secure and trusted transactions


Ensure reporting transaction data to the issuing bank to accelerate compliance reporting

Case management and chargebacks

Submit your disputes with confidence and maximize win rates

“DoorDash uses Just-in-Time Funding. Marqeta sends us a request that talks about everything that happened: Where the merchant was, their MCC codes, their MID codes, how much the amount was. We can then cross reference those amounts in our system and that will help us only authorize legitimate charges. It helps us greatly reduce fraud.”


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Andrew Foong
Engineering Manager

Perform KYC (Know Your Customer)
Rely on Marqeta’s KYC expertise for your cardholders or downstream businesses. Your cardholders will go through an identity verification and initial OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) screening process. Use Marqeta’s APIs to pass on information about your cardholders or to see the status of your KYC results. Define the questions presented during the verification check for each account.
Prevent fraud
Use risk scores to approve or decline transactions in real time. Implement webhooks to receive streaming notifications about events such as user activation, PIN change, card digitally presented, funding authorization, bill pay, ATM withdrawal, fund transfer, and more. Set dynamic spend controls to reduce fraud and monitor card events as they happen.
Ensure compliance
Monitor and review reports for potential violations, and leverage data and insights to comply with anti-money-laundering laws, politically exposed person requirements, and other regulations. Gain visibility into foreign transactions made by a cardholder, the number of times a cardholder is withdrawing or transferring money in a day, and more.
Manage cases and resolve disputes
Leverage Marqeta’s expertise and case management API to optimize the entire process from submitting disputes, representment, and arbitrage. Use webhooks to receive real-time notifications about chargebacks. Monitor case status and communications with the cardholder through continuous updates.

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