The most advanced purchasing card ever created – tailor made for on-demand delivery.

Benefits of the Delivery solution

Payment operations are mission-critical to the scale of the delivery business. Fraud is hard to detect, much less control. Imagine if you had the ability to approve or decline every single transaction that went through your system.

DELIVERY puts your operations team in control of the entire payment experience from card activation, loading and unloading, to transaction approval and reporting. Seamlessly track and match an order throughout its life cycle to reveal your customer and order-level profitability.

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Marqeta’s DELIVERY solution addresses the need for a company-funded card to pay for goods in real time and reduces the potential for fraud with the fine-grain control businesses need. Cards can be configured, loaded, and managed by company management in real time; controls can prescribe the time, day, amount, and merchant location where the card can be used, as well as the velocity of spending in a given time period.

“Marqeta’s DELIVERY solution is custom built to support the core infrastructure of fast-scaling on-demand delivery companies.”

JASON GARDNER - Founder and CEO of Marqeta
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Key Features of the Delivery Solution

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