Disburse earnings, rewards, or incentives directly to payment cards, in real-time.

Benefits of the Disburse solution

Disburse - Payout

It's not always easy to earn and keep the loyalty of 1099 workers. Given their range of work options, faster payment can make all the difference. With DISBURSE, payouts can be available as soon as a job is completed and the money is earned.

Disburse - Incent

Generate virtual and physical cards on-demand for rewards and incentives. Funds are available immediately, and cards can be used anywhere.

Solution disburse case study
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Clearbanc empowers the over 50M self-employed professionals in the US with better financial services and a faster way to get paid.  Using Marqeta’s DISBURSE solution, contractors like Uber drivers can get paid daily on their Clearbanc Card which allows them to access their earnings faster. After funds are disbursed to the Clearbanc card, contractors can access the funds through an ATM or use the card just like a debit card. In addition, Clearbanc’s Advance Pay program with Uber provides new drivers an advance to start their driving career with Uber.

“Marqeta’s technology was built for technology-driven commerce innovators like us. The platform has enabled us to get to market quickly with groundbreaking differentiating features – features that our cardholders use everyday.”

Andrew D’Souza - Founder and CEO of Clearbanc
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Key Features of the Disburse Solution

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