Developers can now build turnkey or customized expense management cards with advanced flexibility and controls.

Benefits of the Expense solution

With EXPENSE from Marqeta, you can create virtual, physical, or tokenized payment cards with dynamic spend controls unique to the needs of small, medium, and large businesses.

Configure controls to limit spending by individual, team, budget, time, merchant, or merchant category. Create plastic or virtual cards on demand for specific events, employees, or purchases. Get real-time visibility and data on employee spend.

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Emburse offers virtual and physical corporate expense cards powered by Marqeta. With the EXPENSE solution from Marqeta, Emburse can offer its customers cards with configurable controls for time, budget, and merchant to limit risk and prevent inappropriate spending.

The Marqeta Platform also reduces the operational cost of having funds tied up. Available funds on company cards and cash per diems not used in their entirety can be moved from card to card or unloaded back to the funding source.

“Implementing with Marqeta’s API allowed us to enter the market in a much shorter time frame than everything else we’ve seen. They’ve also been instrumental in laying the technology and compliance groundwork with our issuing bank partner.”

Peter Lai - CEO of Emburse
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Key Features of the Expense Solution

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