Alternative Lenders can now offer their borrowers a way to instantly receive loan funds on a customized payment card.

Benefits of the Lend solution


Borrowers get their money when they need it, and you see detailed transaction data and analytics. With deeper insights into spending patterns, you can make better underwriting decisions and grow the value of your portfolio.

Use LEND to bring borrower spend into your ecosystem, increase utilization rates, and drive loan velocity – all while managing the card program through your own interface.

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Marqeta powers your credit card. With CREDIT LITE, you do the underwriting, servicing, and marketing. Marqeta will power the technology and set you up with a network and card-issuing bank to get you started right away.


POS Financing Solution Brief

SMB Lending Solution Brief

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Kabbage chose Marqeta to develop its Kabbage Card, which enables customers to disburse funds from their business lines of credit to their Card at the point of sale. Using the Marqeta Platform’s Just-in-Time “JIT” funding feature, the Kabbage Card allows business customers to use their funds with a simple swipe to pay for office equipment, inventory, or anything else needed to grow their business.

“Kabbage creates financial solutions that support small businesses through speed, simplicity, and flexibility. By leveraging Marqeta’s Just-in-Time technology, we have enhanced our ability to connect customers with the right amount of capital at the right time.”

Kathryn Petralia - Co-Founder & Head of Operations of Kabbage
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Key Features of the Lend Solution

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