Marqeta announces 2021 winter hack week winners

Marqeta’s hack weeks are an excellent example of how we come together to build One Marqeta through collaboration and innovation. We set time aside two times per year to empower Marqetans across the organization, not only in product and engineering, to inspire new ideas and add value to our growing business.

For Winter Hack Week 2021, we challenged ourselves to find solutions that both enhance our platform capabilities and enable more seamless connections as we continue to be a hybrid workforce. Through 27 submissions, we’re in awe of the ideas that came to life this year.

We had 3 categories that Hack Week teams submitted to:

1. Connection
2. Agility
3. One Marqeta

Without further ado, let’s introduce the winners!

  1. Winner of the Connection category: MQLED

Shared experiences in a remote and hybrid environment. MQLED aims to help keep remote cultures connected as we move to a more remote workforce.

Team: Brian Manifold, John Tumath, Michael Sawyer

2. Winner of the Agility category: Google Web Push Provisioning

Token Provisioning can be difficult, especially when our customers don’t have an app!

Team: Yilong Li, Wayne Sheng, Keren Sun, Olivia Fu, Nikunj Ratnaparkhi, Abhishek Maraliga Krishna, Ayushi Singh, Jonathan Manalus, Rafael Santos, Ricky Graziosi, and special thanks to Mark Cline

3. Winner of the Methods / One Marqeta category: Autofill Smart card

The smart card powered by Marqeta will leverage customers/programs existing Marqeta integration.

Team: Chandru Subramaniam, Wayne Sheng, Eli Shurkin, Jamie Liu, Michelle Vasquez, Rony Joy, Mark Cline, Steph Corrales, Olivia Fu, Paul Ulloa, Rohan Thompson, Suraj Uttamchandani