October 24, 2022 | 3 min read

Marqeta for Banking expands platform capabilities

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We’re excited to introduce Marqeta for Banking, a portfolio of seven banking products that represents the continued expansion of our modern card issuing platform. Marqeta for Banking is anchored by modular deposit account and money movement capabilities offered through Marqeta’s bank partners, all integrated into our modern card issuing platform, allowing digital-first businesses to create customized end-to-end banking services. 

We continue to see rapid digital transformation in financial services, making them more embedded in each stage of the customer journey. We’ve recognized the opportunities that brands now have to present new and unique user experiences to consumers and improve customer loyalty. Our investment in banking solutions  allows us to empower a diverse set of customers and use cases including:

  • Brands wanting to deepen customer relationships and generate new revenue streams with card programs and banking services

  • Fintechs expanding their value propositions with differentiated banking experiences

  • Banks launching new features or transforming their offering by migrating an existing program to a more modern tech stack

Marqeta for Banking is built into our existing card issuing platform, providing companies with the building blocks to customize every stage of the customer journey and deliver differentiated banking experiences to their users at scale. 

Our customers, including Coinbase, Branch and Fold, are already using parts of the Marqeta for Banking product suite. These products are bundled with our card issuing and processing services, illustrating the flexible nature of this product expansion.  You can learn about each of the products available with Marqeta for Banking here

“We first utilized Marqeta’s platform to help bring Coinbase Card to market, providing our customers the ability to earn crypto rewards and easily make everyday purchases with their crypto,” said Sanchan Saxena, Vice President, Retail Product at Coinbase. “As we continue our commitment to building safe, trusted, and easy-to-use products that make spending and earning cryptocurrency seamless, we’ve seen many benefits from the flexibility of Marqeta’s banking as a service tools.”

We’re thrilled to offer this new suite of services to our customers to help bridge the gap between modern card issuing and modern banking solutions. Marqeta for Banking products are all currently available in the US, with Bill Pay and Instant Funding, expected in beta in late 2022.

Discover the possibilities of Marqeta for Banking → https://www.marqeta.com/platform/marqeta-for-banking

Marqeta is not a bank. Marqeta provides a technology platform to enable its customers to build out products using services offered by its bank partners.


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