Marqeta announces summer Marqeta Care Days for all employees

I’m excited to announce Marqeta Care Days for all employees: We will be celebrating every other Friday as no-work holidays through the end of August. Given the added demands of working from home during the pandemic, we wanted to provide our employees with a way to prioritize self-care and recharge as needed.

During these trying times, we’re all dealing with the added stresses of working from home, taking care of our families, stepping in as teachers, and worrying about our health, and we recognize that we must also take extra care of ourselves in order to be at our best.

I think it is important that all Marqetans enjoy these special holidays as guilt-free extensions of the weekend. I’m so grateful for the dedication, hard work, and results that I’ve seen over the past few months during such challenging times. We all continue to be there for our customers, Marqeta, and each other while also taking care of our personal lives and families.

As a leadership team, we want to recognize the importance and benefit of investing in our overall health in the long term. During this time, our customers can expect the same level of service and accessibility to the Marqeta platform. 

Thanks again to all Marqetans, Marqeta customers, and partners for your continued hard work and support!

Jason Gardner, 
Founder and CEO, Marqeta