Destination success: how we support card program innovation journeys

For most innovation success stories, the journey matters as much as the destination. When it comes to modern card program, the journey needs to involve seamless support from a range of accessible experts in technical, compliance and product fields to name but a few. 

In my last blog on Marqeta’s approach to supporting our customers, I talked about how we weave strategy into our offering as standard card program management. This time, I want to tell you about the journey we share with each of our customers to help them achieve their innovation goals. 

Welcome to Marqeta’s card program management

Many of our customers take their first steps towards card program innovation with our strategic sales team. As digital card program subject matter experts, the sales team’s role is to ensure the companies we work with get the best strategic advice, and understand the ways in which the Marqeta platform will support their ambitions. This continues through the entire customer journey. Whether it’s sales, technical or onboarding teams, our customers can be assured that they are dealing with genuine expertise at every turn. Marqeta’s mission is to support our customers to realize their vision and begin generating revenue for their business as quickly as possible.

Counting down to your card program launch 

We understand that innovators are unique — and want anything but a one-size-fits-all approach. Each product launch is different, and driven by Marqeta’s project and technical teams, our experts meet weekly to discuss how we’re delivering against your objectives, supplying a targeted level of support exactly when and where it’s needed. With our approach to card program management, your card product will hit the ground running.

Keeping your product offering in tip-top condition

Once you’re live, it’s important to keep your card program performing optimally. This is where dedicated customer success managers come in. Experts at providing day-to-day support, they’re there to ensure customers continue to grow and evolve their products. We also bring in expertise from specialists across the business if the need arises. Additionally, through a schedule of regular communication and monthly health checks, we seek out opportunities to help you enrich your product offering.  

The data to drive your business 

In today’s API economy, data is the fuel that powers business growth. For this reason, customers are able to access the data they need through our APIs and webhooks to build relevant reporting for them, as well as pull from a range of predefined reports through our reporting interface.

Fast response to technical issues

We pride ourselves on responding quickly to issues, no matter how small. To help our customers monitor our progress in resolving problems, we provide access to a Zendesk issue management system, which shows all submitted tickets, providing a helpful audit trail. We also operate a formal incident management process for those rare occasions if a larger issue occurs.

Tracking our performance

Aside from discussions that arise throughout the course of day to day interactions, we also stage monthly health checks as part of our card program management. In these, we take the opportunity to delve deeper into how your business is performing against key metrics, review any open items, and talk through product roadmap and development plans from both parties. We want to keep a close eye on your business objectives so we know how best to support you. 

Treating our customers as stakeholders

In my previous blog I talked about joint development. We very much see innovation as a shared journey and always value conversations about building new features and enhancements. Our customers are stakeholders in our evolution and we love it when a visionary comes along with an idea to do something completely unexpected. Through collaborating with our customers to better understand their requirements and gather ideas, we’re able to constantly enrich the Marqeta product roadmap. It’s an innovation process that never stops. 

Best-in-class customers deserve a best-in-class service

Being a good partner to innovators as they journey towards their card program destination is about so much more than simply responding to customer needs as and when they arise. In my view, it’s about embracing new ideas and making them work in reality – quickly. It’s about being proactive. It’s about being a stakeholder in their success whilst giving them a role in shaping yours. By taking a multitiered approach to customer success, it’s possible to stay in tune with the bigger visionary picture without taking an eye off the day-to-day ball. This is what Marqeta is about and it’s why we see our customers’ journeys as our journey. And it allows us to reach the destination we call customer success.    

Julie Sutton, Head of Customer Success – Europe