Marqeta powers Canadian expansion of Square Card

We’re excited for our customer Square to expand their Square Card offering into Canada. With our modern card issuing platform, Square was able to scale its existing U.S. card program and launch Square Card in the Canadian market, making it available for Square sellers of all types and sizes across the country.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, small businesses have continued to struggle to manage cash flow and stay afloat. In 2019, we first introduced our partnership with Square Card, an expense card for small business owners that allows them to access their earnings immediately and without additional fees, so they can reinvest them into their business to keep it running smoothly.

Marqeta’s modern card issuing platform enabled Square to expand and quickly ramp up in a new international market. Square utilized our integrations with card networks and risk management capabilities to help navigate the intricacies of this expansion process.

“Our partnership with Marqeta has enabled us to build a highly successful card program with the ability to scale as we grow and expand into new markets,” said Christina Riechers, Head of Product, Square Banking Team. “Businesses should be able to access their money as soon as they make a sale, and we’re proud to bring that experience to sellers across Canada.”

We’re proud to power the latest iteration of Square’s global expansion and help them build innovative card programs that scale rapidly. Watch our Square Card video testimonial to learn more about our partnership.