June 22, 2023 | 2 min read

Tuum joins up with Marqeta for integrated fintech solution


Tuum joins forces with Marqeta to deliver a pre-integrated fintech solution, accelerating modern digital payment programmes Today, Tuum announced our partnership to offer a pre-integrated fintech solution, accelerating time to market for Tuum’s customers by working with our open API platform.

European banks and fintechs will be able to build flexible card programmes that deliver industry-leading modern digital payment experiences while saving resources, time and money. The partnership combines Tuum’s solid and sustainable core banking solution with our modern digital payment experiences to be more efficient for customers. The time-to-market of embedded financial services is not only accelerated, but also cost-effective and can be tailored to meet the customers' individual needs. "To keep up with the current pace, it's becoming increasingly important for banks and fintechs to offer modern digital payment experiences to consumers, and we're excited to help them take this step through our collaboration with Marqeta.

While our cloud-native, next-generation core banking platform gives them the security and reliability they need for the future, the pre-built integration allows them to create their own card programmes and deliver highly personalised experiences to consumers," stated Jean Souto, VP Global Partnerships at Tuum.

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