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Payment Authorization Decisioning for Online Travel Agencies

With Marqeta, online travel agencies have the flexibility and control to authorize payments resulting in better user experiences.

A Modern Payment Program Has Arrived

Today’s online travel agencies can benefit by controlling payment authorization decisioning as well as gain deeper end-to-end visibility into transactions from an online booking to hotel check-in.

Marqeta powers online travel agencies by:

Issuing single-use virtual cards & funding them at the time of use.

Controlling payment authorization decisioning. 

Validating all authorizations against custom controls. 

Creating exceptional user experiences with operational and payment flexibilities. 

Improving cash flow as transactions are funded through a reserve account.

Enabling fax or email card payments along with custom metadata to secure bookings.

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Virtual Cards

Instantly create customized virtual cards. Attach payment data to every transaction for cleaner reconciliations with virtual cards.

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Dynamic Spend Controls

Configure controls for authorizing funds to reduce the risk of fraud. Marqeta cards can be customized with controls to reign in excess spending, protect your margins, and enable exceptional user experiences.

Cash Flow Management Eased

Just-In-Time (JIT) Funding lets you fund cards at the time of purchase using your own business rules or Marqeta can approve transactions on your behalf. Funds are not released until  needed, so you can better optimize your cash flow.

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Marqeta shares our excitement for continued payment innovation.  They’ve kept pace with us as an early-stage company and supported us every step of the way.

Bob Kaufman,
CEO & Founder, ConnexPay

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